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The USA glorifies whiny elites in pretty much every facet of life. "everyone should take personal responsibility except me" is like the absolute pinnacle of a hyper individualist society like the US. Most of the USA gamers come from backgrounds without a ton of hardship and are also quite young, so entitlement is just a part of the culture.
The result, experts say, is a steep rise in the number of parents worried that their kids are in fact addicted, or at least compulsively devoted, to the games. A residential facility called reSTART, the nation's first therapeutic retreat devoted specifically to Internet addiction, launched a new adolescent program last month after receiving a barrage of calls from parents desperate to separate their children from video games, consoles, computers and smartphones. A small but growing number of psychologists across the United States have begun to specialize in treating children who struggle with compulsive gaming and screen use..
Jan. However, you will have to spend a lot time and energy to gain as much RS gold in game. Among all the money making methods, PvM is one the most efficient way to make money. Beware of the Mexican mixed drink's snags: A traditional margarita is made from tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, but bartenders often cut prep time by using high calorie mixes: "Due to the mixer, this cocktail packs about fiveteaspoons worth of sugar," says Sass. In one study of over 70,000 women, researchers found that those who drank moderate amounts of beer had lower blood pressure than those who drank wine or spirits. "Beers contain several B vitamins," explains Sass.
497 points  submitted 1 day agoExactly. You guys remember that stupid lore breaking crypt scene in which wights (the youngest being 15+ years old, so skeletons) somehow broke out of stone tombs and started attacking the civilians in the crypts purely for shock value and to subvert expectations of the crypts being Not a single one of these unarmed, unarmoured non fighter main characters in the crypts when this happens dies. What the shit was the point?Ignoring the fact most of those bodies are in stone tombs, the crypts are probably magic seeing as Brandon the Builder, the same guy who built the Wall and Storms End, built the crypts, and those corpses should be skeletons at best but mostly dust, why? Why do it if not a single main character dies from it? Why not run with it and show people struggling as wights of previous Starks are killing them.
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